Where do you come from ? What do you do for a living beside skating ? 

   Been living in Hawaii almost 8 years now. I’m from a small town Grass Valley & Nevada City in Northern California. Great place great skate scene with tons of rippers, where Chris Senn and John Cardiel hail from too. I do a lot of yard work, some art, swim and for work funny enough I’m a security guard, I don’t have to deal with skaters thankfully.


We quite loved the song you chosen for this video part right here. Who’s the band ? What are you latest jams ? 

Carbon Carousel – Atrophy my favorite lyricist hip hop artist Michael Larsen aka Eyedea of Eyedea and Abilities RIP  always been a fan of his brilliant lyrics based around analyzing self sanity, existing, interactions and the disfunction of life so when if found he had a punk/metal band I was all over it ! Listen to all kinds been getting into old punk, underground hip hop – Sage Francis, been exploring a lot of less know Otis Redding, Rick James and all sorts via Pandora.


What do you think about this slappy mania ? Everyone kinda seem to go from big tall tricks to curbs… We love it 

 I think it is awesome!  Memics what I’ve been dong. Used to be into taking big drops and going gnarly along with older style stuff but healing takes too long now. Was never a slappy guy but been enjoying revisiting them and getting inspired by the new breed of new school meets old school. Hocus pocus vid still blows a lot of today’s stuff away though! YouTube it if you don’t know !!!



What’s you fave skate company and why ? 

I think the element company is awesome. Really involved with kids and good causes, always good skaters on the team. Vans has been there from the start even though I haven’t had many of their shoes, don’t like the waffle soles! Anti Hero rules as far as raw skateboarding goes and just real people going all in, bought over seven of the tramp stamp decks, loved that shape and bought it ever time I saw it. Birdhouse is bringing it plus Ben Raybourn’s style is badass!! Tired skateboard repping the older dudes still going is awesome as well.


What’s your biggest fear while skating ? You reckon getting old also makes you feel unsafer ?

 Haha breaking a bone and being out of work. F’N responsibilities. The other is realizing I can’t do something anymore or shouldn’t. I keep it pretty mellow but still learning and growing even after over 28 years of non stop as a skater I get that urge to do drops and rails and realize my body and long list of injuries can’t take it anymore, kinda sad but I still don’t listen to the fools that say I should quit-heard that my whole life for some reason, ” you’ll quit at this or that age” fuck that!!


Big wheels or small ones ? 

  Big for life! Always have! Skating was my transportation and stopping on rocks was last thing I wanted to do. Wheels usually last me a while, buy/ride  mostly 60s-61s and ride them till they feel too small. Smallest I will ride is 58s. Only reason I did the 90s small wheel faze was big ones were hard to find where I was.


What’s in your opinion the best skate logo of all times ?

 Best art piece/ logo hands down the screaming hand by Jim Phillips. The iconic Independent logo, Thrasher and one that caught my eye the most in my youth was the OJ wheels logo, simple, bright orange and to the point-wheel that looks like an orange.

Have you been into a fight with someone using rollers or scooters in a skatepark ? Please tell us you kicked the shit out of them

 I used to have the hockey temper but that was against my self. More of a peace keeper but had beef with plenty BMX guys killing the  copping at the GV park, bikers are gnarly and go all out but mess up your own park you put together and build !! Too funny though I watched two rad fiends of mine, lady rippers at Grass Valley park had this roller blader jump over one of the gals when she fell and laughed , so other gal started yelling at him in his face and he pushed her… then one punch roller blades in the air he went down and they both started beating the crap out of him hahaha too funny  to watch.


How did you find out about old boys skate club? 

  I cruise hash tags on Instagram like skateboarding is fun and such and check out people’s vids, think hash tag no comply got me to your page and was stoked. Hope I didn’t go on too long. Thank you for your interest and support. Just a dude doing what I love and have always loved and making friends across the world along the way.

Thank you again


Brandon Connor

Oh and people talk shit all you want …I always have and always will push mongo hahaha Peace!


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Posted by Old Boys Skate Club on Tuesday, 31 May 2016