When did you start skating ? 

I’ve started between 1989 and 1990.

What was your first deck ? 

Without considering an unprofessional complete skateboard my dad brought me from California in ’89 the very first real one was an Airbourne “Peanut Brown” pro model.


When you think about skateboarding, what’s the first band that pops up into your mind ?

It would be very difficult to choose only one but I have three important names that totally set me up when I first started. Pegboy, Bad Religion and Dinosaur Jr. were definitely the soundtrack of the very first videos I’ve ever watched on VHS tapes. Videos that I still own and that are a very important part of my life.


What did it change since you’ve started? Are kids skating nowadays any similar to you and your mates back then ?

Everything has changed. I personally think skateboarding had a complete different meaning in the 90’s and beginning of 2000. It was rebellious, “new” and a form of antagonism against society. I loved to go out and do stuff that was prohibited. I miss those days where we used to just skate without checking our phones all the times, even because we had none. Those days where a design under a deck used to set a specific era are now completely gone to me. The attitude that we have nowadays is different compared to the new kids but that’s an unavoidable thing with the time passing by I guess, so I don’t think they are any similar to me and my friends but I’m sure they have their own vision of skateboarding. The city where I live (Cagliari-Sardinia) has amazing kids doing great skateboarding, I love that and I don’t care about their attitude or the way they live it. They skate hard everyday, that is the most important thing. It is so personal and everybody has their own way to live it, It is the beauty and main thing about skating, freedom of practicing it the way you like it and whenever you want to with no rules. I will always love that.


What do you miss about the old days?

The old days were rad, they were the best of my life. It actually might sound kind of pathetic but we were so young and the excitement we had inside every time we used to go out in the streets will be irreplaceable. I miss the danger of being caught by the Police in places where we couldn’t skate and I miss going to the only skate shop in town to buy the brand new decks from Powell Peralta or Santa Cruz  just arrived from the States, when I had no money I would just go there with my friends and stare at them for hours. I wish I could try those feelings again. When I was about 14 I used to save all the money I had to buy a brand new pair of Airwalk and skate them for a year straight until they would completely fall apart. I still look forward to it now though and I enjoy the way things are. If you stick on something for so many years it can only bring you good things and positive feelings.


What’s your dream trick you never managed to lend?

I don’t have a dream trick but I would love to do any flip trick in nollie, I never managed to do any of those and I’m so bad at them ah ah. I love to try tricks that I’m feeling at the moment and I get such a relief when I nail them but that’s not the main reason why I skate. Me and my friends are not pros, what we care about is go out, have fun and skate. If we land cool tricks too then it would even be a better day .



If you could pick up a place and fly there tomorrow morning to skate, what would it be ?

Probably Los Angeles or Barcelona, anywhere sunny with a Spring weather.

Switch stance or fakie ?

Fakie for life.


Who’s your fave skater of all times and why ?

There are many people I like the way they skate, from the old ones I’d definitely name Mike V, Jason Adams and Jim Greco. From the new generation I think Luan Oliveira is an insane skater with a super laid back attitude, someone coming from nothing and getting the respect he deserves from everyone. Stuff you don’t see very often nowadays.

Pizza or pasta ?

I am Italian so I adore both but if I have to choose one I’d probably go for pizza.


*All pictures taken from 93 to 98